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OV-fiets, Overal een fiets. Dat was het idee. Zodat je niet meer alleen rond je huis kunt fietsen (omdat daar je fiets staat), maar overal!

Kort voor de doorbraak van OV-fiets schreven we een boekje over hoe we OV-fiets bedoeld hadden: “OV-fiets, Overal een fiets!”.

Voorwoord OV-fiets, Overal een fiets!.
1 De OV-fiets formule
2 Drijfveren voor OV-fiets
3 OV-fiets in vogelvlucht
4 Hoe huurt u een OV-fiets?
5 Honderd huurlocaties
6 Rendabele exploitatie
7 Particuliere pashouders
8 Zakelijke klanten
9 Ondernemende stallingen
10 Ondersteunende overheden

Over OV-fiets is veel geschreven in de media. Een aantal artikelen uit de eerste jaren vindt je door in de blog terug te bladeren. Bijvoorbeeld over de opening van de 100e verhuurlocatie in 2006, of over het idee van De forensfiets is een fiets die méér fietst uit 2008.

 [:en]OV-fiets : Fast and easy rental bikes in combination with Public Transport

OV-fiets (Public Transport Bicycle) is a fast growing Bike Sharing program in the Netherlands. It is a unique supplement to public transport. It is available at all important train stations . It is very easy to pick-up a bicycle from automatic dispensers or from a staffed rental location. Bicycles are always accessible at least during public transport operation hours, and in many places 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Bike Sharing program leads to better accessibility of city centres during peak-hour by reducing car use and parking problems. It thereby also reduces negative environmental effects. And last but not least: riding a bicycle is not only healthy for the environment, it is also good for personal health. The widespread availability of the OV-fiets makes it successful.


Biking in Holland

Travelling by bike is traditionally very popular in the Netherlands. 27 % of all trips are made by bike (in comparison: in the USA and Australia this is 1 % of all trips) [Pucher eo].

  • Biking is more than fun: It is practical to get around
  • Biking is perceived  as save
  • Helmets are not compulsory
  • Lacking of good transport after the train trip is often a reason to go by car
  • Almost everybody is able to bike

Almost 40% of the train passengers travel by bike to the station. However, less than 10% uses the bike to reach their destination after the train ride – mainly because there is no bike available at the destination.

Key characteristics OV-fiets


  • Easy to start:  even with 5 bikes in one shop you can start
  • Easy to grow:  scaleble upto one milion customers
  • Easy to run:  Simple system with low costs
  • Freedom:  No package deal with advertisements / bus shelters

Key elements

  • Bike-shops near stations
  • Chipcards (existing one)‏
  • Scanners (or barcode readers)‏
  • Back-office (for registration and payment)
  • Bikes ….


The future: working on 4th generation Bike Sharing

In the Netherlands we work on a 4th generation Bike Sharing system, for more info see global solutions

More info regarding the pilot OV-fiets @ Home (in English)
More info regarding the 4th generation Bike Sharing (in Dutch)